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Anonymous: to be quite honest, they could do better and should have sing fireproof. i mean, aren't they trying to prove that they have a mature sound now?so why still link them with the same old image they are trying to get rid of? ed was on point. he sung the actual single, the next single, a cover, a fan favorite and the first single of the album. following this idea it would be cool: you & i, midnight memories, maybe teenage dirtbag, happily or strong, better than words and fireproof (not in that order)

i agree with you a 100%  like obviously there are people in the crowd that aren’t 1d af so of course they’re looking for 1d’s new and matured sound. 

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*liam talking about everyone but harry being in vegas*



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*sees 1d performing*


*1d finishes performing*


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it’s not a proper one direction speech unless it has the words “massive thank you”